How We Work

MBX draws on a group of very talented individuals. The needs of the project determine who will be involved and it is our aim to closely match the team members’ skills and personalities with the needs of the project.
We are great believers in face to face relationships. So after contacting us, we would very much like to sit down with you and find out about what you want. We work very hard to build long-term partnerships and inspire loyalty in our clients. This time finding your “back-story” is time well spent, we believe. It allows us to develop a strong relationship, which proves invaluable when the pressure inevitably increases, later in the project. We encourage a harmonious environment…to focus on the job in hand…at the same time as knowing when to see the funny side in a situation. The end result is crucial… but we want to enjoy the journey too!

Also, establishing and building trust ensures clear communication. Once the brief has been clearly established and agreed in writing, a fixed quote will be drafted and sent for your approval. If you wish to proceed, the brief will be incorporated into a written contract. We think that it is important to have an agreed contract, for the protection of both parties. It helps ensure that everyone knows from the outset what the aims of the project are and can therefore ensure that the goals are achieved to everyone’s satisfaction.

More detailed planning can take place as the idea moves from conception and development… through to pre-production… to the shoot… to the final edit… to the awards…